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…gli occhi(ali) sono lo specchio dell’anima

Kyme is a brand that design and produce sunglasses of the highest quality. The name of the brand,Kyme, comes from Latin Kuma, meaning WAVE.

KYME Sunglasses é la nuova rivisitazione italiana del vintage. Un design che combina stile e comfort, una continua ricerca delle migliori lastre per un prodotto di alta qualità completamente fatto a mano.

KYME Sunglasses is a new concept of vintage. A design that combines style and comfort, an on going search of the best plates for an high quality italian product entirely hand-made in Italy.

An aesthetic design aesthetically inspired by the wave as a metaphor for energy and continuous movement. At the moment we are present in some of the best multi-brand fashion expositions. The collection is made in Italy, in Auronzo di Cadore and in Ariano Irpino. The idea is to revisit and recapture eyewear models. That had a great impact on the market. Made in ltaly, the collection is created with ltalian craftsmanship, detail and Mazucchelli sheets. Kyme is a unique model with a strong identity. With different sizes, various colours, glossy or matt and eighteen lens tints, mirrors (existing), flash (new) and bicolor (new), the variations of the current model Kyme are endless with The Possibility to produce special and limited editions or unique pieces “ad hoc”. At the moment, we are represented in some of the best multi-brand fashion stores.

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KYME Sunglasses Official website and Shop online

Official website and Shop online

PHONE: +39 0802220557


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